Dailymotion now gives users a choice for their homepage layout, hoping to increase engagement

Dailymotion now gives users a choice for their homepage layout, hoping to increase engagement

Dailymotion is introducing a full redesign available across multiple devices, the video portal announced today. Following the relaunch, its homepage will be entirely free of in-stream advertising.

According to the company, this revamping is aimed at improving user engagement and content discovery. To fulfill this goal, it now offers two different layouts – mosaic style à la Pinterest, and feed style with infinite scrolling.

Both layouts include ad-free video previews that can be played directly from the homepage, though  the original source page and user channel can still be accessed by simply clicking on the title or creator link.

While content promoted on the homepage will be curated by Dailymotion’s editorial team, it is worth noting that users can now customize the site’s homepage according to their preferences. Part of this personalization will also be automated based on their individual viewing habits.

To facilitate content discovery, the feed-style view still maintains the existing ‘Most viewed’ and ‘What’s Hot’ trending lists – not to mention social integration with Twitter and Facebook.

As you can imagine, the purpose of this redesign is to increase the length of time users spend on the site. “The end goal is an experience that leaves viewers wanting more, enhances and extends the video paradigm and ultimately changes the way online audiences think about video portals as a category,” says Roland Hamilton, Managing Director for Dailymotion US.

As we reported, Dailymotion is the world’s second largest video portal, boasting over 110 million unique monthly visitors and 20k+ new daily video uploads.

Image credit: Bruno Pedro

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