Anonymous reportedly behind attack on Tunisian Islamist sites

Anonymous reportedly behind attack on Tunisian Islamist sites

In what is believed to be an attack by hacker group Anonymous, several sites belonging to Tunisian Islamist groups have been hacked, AFP reports.

Several messages were left on the groups’ Facebook pages, warning them against introducing strict Salafist laws to the country, by members claiming to be part of the Anonymous group.

A video, in French, was posted on YouTube a few days ago warning of the attack.

The video warned, “We are fighting you… your emails, your bank accounts and transactions will be probed, your hard discs will be copied. If the Tunisian government won’t stop your activities in the weeks to come, Anonymous will.”

The website of Islamist party, Hizb ut-Tahrir (literally meaning Liberation Party), was among those attacked. According to Tunisia Alive, a Tunisian member of Anonymous going by the name CaliforniaKB says that the attack was in retaliation to activities carried out by Tunisian hacking group, Fellaga, on behalf of Hizb ut-Tahrir.

Tunisia Alive quotes him as saying, “We are not liberals, we do not represent any political party. We are for the people, we are the people. We fight fire with fire…” He added, “We are not against Hizb ut-Tahrir. Personally, I am a Muslim; we are against any extremist idea whether from left, right or center.”

He left the party with a warning, “We do have access to many secret files. We are waiting for the good moment to take you down unless you finish the revolution in the right way.”

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