Employment portal Bayt now gives better insights into the Middle East job market

Employment portal Bayt now gives better insights into the Middle East job market

Employment portal Bayt has just released a few new services for job seekers, improving its search feature, adding a wide variety of tools to improve your CV, and giving you better insight into the Middle Eastern job market.

When looking for a job, Bayt users now have several new search methods at their disposal. In addition to doing a traditional search, Bayt can now recommend jobs based on your user profile, and if you connect your Bayt and Facebook accounts, you can also find out which of your friends can give you a recommendation for job openings.

Bayt’s Facebook integration is a great use of social media, but how useful it will be depends entirely on how detailed your friends’ Facebook profiles are.

In addition to the new search features, Bayt has also launched a Workspace, which helps you get your CV up to scratch. You’re provided with a checklist to make sure that you’ve covered all your bases, and once you’re done, you can run your CV through the automated CV Clinic which gives you specific tips on how it can be improved.

Bayt is also providing some pretty valuable analytics about your account. You can see how many times your CV is accessed by employers, while comparing your stats to an average based on location. You can even get a glimpse at what keywords are bringing employers to your profile.

Together with the CV Clinic, Bayt’s new features help to enhance your profile. With insight into how employers are finding your CV, you can easily tweak it to make sure you are visible to the right companies.

Lastly, Career Watch gives you much needed insight into the job market, with information on job opportunities, salaries and required skills. You can easily find out which skills are in demand and in supply, as well as make informed decisions if you are looking to make a career change.

Bayt’s analytical features are all based on the employment portal’s own database, so while it may not be 100% representative of the entire region, it still gives a great deal of insight into what employers on Bayt are looking for.

These two new features come hot on the heels of Bayt’s community portal, People.

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