Egypt’s Protesters Missing In Action Need Your Help

Egypt’s Protesters Missing In Action Need Your Help

Egyptian Protests by Al JazeeraWith the protests in Egypt now at full throttle, backed by an almost unified Egyptian opposition, the regime is sparing nothing to clamp down on protesters. Some of which have gone missing and need your help.

We’ve learned a lesson over the past two months: What happens on Facebook, never stays on Facebook. Or so reality has grimly showed us, where Arab authorities have time and again tried to make the voice of their people go away by deleting accounts on Facebook. The same is being attempted on a terrifying, physical level. And the victims have yet to be found.

Wael Ghonim Google’s Head of Marketing for Middle East and North Africa flew in to Cairo from Qatar after attending an event on electronic journalism in Doha. Opposing advice from friends and family, to take part in protests he said in a tweet “A government that is scared from #Facebook and #Twitter should govern a city in Farmville, but not a country like #Egypt”.

Being one among hundreds of thousands of protesters, Wael Ghonim has gone missing. He was last heard from on January 28th on Twitter “Pray for #Egypt. Very worried as it seems that government is planning a war crime tomorrow against people. We are all ready to die” on January the 28th.

We share Wael’s concern for Egypt, and worry for Wael himself, as well as others who have gone out to protest and never returned. If you have any information on Wael or are looking for a missing protester in Egypt yourself, please update this wiki sheet.

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