Nike’s futuristic self-lacing sneakers finally arrive this November

Credit: Wired

Remember the story about the self-lacing Nike shoes? It all started in 1989, when Marty McFly got his hands on some sneakers from the future.

They were first auctioned off as replicas without self-lacing functionality in 2011. Then Michael J. Fox got the first pair, and they sounded like a dying cat. After that the technology found its way into a new design, and Nike announced earlier this year that it would soon begin manufacturing them.

And now you’ll be able to buy them coming November 28th.

The Nike Hyperadapt 1.0 will start selling at select Nike retail locations in the US, but according to the company you’ll have to make an appointment to “experience and purchase” them.

Everything about the Hyperadapt seems really cool, except for the fact you’ll have to charge them every two weeks — I guess that’s the price you pay for innovation.

Take a look at WIRED’s video of the creators explaining the sneakers, and decide if you believe this is the future of footwear:

And check out the product video to get a more cinematic look:



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