This WiFi-enabled smart desk will cost you $3,890. And you can buy one today.

This WiFi-enabled smart desk will cost you $3,890. And you can buy one today.

If you work at home, or are lucky enough to have a say in your choice of desk, there are many out there that cater for a myriad of ergonomic needs. But the Stir Kinetic Desk takes things to a whole new level.

As you may know, there’s real science behind the benefits of standing up while working, and this desk learns and adjusts automatically to user preferences, suggesting times when a worker is likely to stand or change positions. It also has a built-in touchscreen, letting users shift between sitting and standing positions by tapping the screen. Not enough? Well, it also has built-in health-tracking software that reveals data on calories burned, and time spent standing vs. sitting. The built-in Bluetooth and WiFi means that it will be able to pair up with other health apps and devices in the future.

The catch? Yes, there’s always a catch. The Stir Kinetic Desk retails for a rather punchy $3,890. But if money is no object, orders open today, and the first fifty people who cough-up will have exclusive access to the first production run, which isn’t actually shipping until February. The second production run will hit in April. A $300 deposit will be required to reserve the desk.


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