Sit down, stand up: This desk will fix your posture

Sit down, stand up: This desk will fix your posture

Professional advice is great. But when you receive conflicting advice from different experts, you can end up going in circles.

One such example is posture – how exactly should we interact with our computers? Some say that standing whilst typing is actually good for us, whilst other advice takes an opposing view.

French designer Jeremy Guenole has come up with a solution to counteract this contradictory calamity. He has created a desk that allows computer users to alternate their working position, so they can now sit and stand.

As reported on Shoebox Dwelling, Guenole’s design – aptly titled Postures – is constructed from different levels to encourage movement. He says:

“Starting from different work situations of a creative, I drew a range of hybrid furnitures that comply with the concept of wellness.”

The same principle can be applied in other areas, such as diet. We’re often told to eat a certain amount of one food-type, but avoid another because it’s bad for us. Depending on what report you read, the specifics of the advice will vary, but the one point everyone agrees on is we should have a varied diet, covering different food groups.

The reason why sitting at a desk all day is bad for us is because we end up hunched in the same position, repeating the same movements with our hands on the mouse and keyboard. By mixing it up, this encourages us to move in different ways which can only be a good thing.

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