This is the ultimate computer desk: Adjustable for sitting or standing, and doubles as a case

This is the ultimate computer desk: Adjustable for sitting or standing, and doubles as a case

Almost nothing beats custom-made. I built my first desktop from scratch and it’s still the best bang-for-my-buck computer I’ve ever had. The desk it sits under and my laptop sits on, however, is another story. That’s why this project, which encompasses both, is so intriguing: introducing the computer desk that doubles as a computer case, and can also be adjusted for both sitting and standing positions.

Here’s the story. Someone by the name of Loren decided to upgrade his hardware and couldn’t find a suitable case, but had a desk with a glass top. Deciding to kill two birds with one stone, he started sketching out his plan and built what you see below:

From the video’s description:

After upgrading my hardware to the latest and greatest, I became dissatisfied with the computer case options currently available to purchase. I also began looking into tripling the monitor setup to increase my work space and allow more viewing capability for fun activities, including photography and gaming.

The desk would:
-have a built-in case.
-use existing glass top from old desk.
-filter air flow, just enough to keep dust bunnies out.
-incorporate a lifting mechanism — allowing me to sit or stand at a push of a button!
-This also has the added bonus of lifting the computer from the dusty floor.

As you can see, there are four Motorized legs that lower and raise the desk to any height. At the time of his blog post, Loren was planning to automate the desk lifting controls with a Raspberry Pi and relays, clean up the desk wiring, and install additional temperature sensors.

In other words, this desk is essentially already perfect. If Loren could build me one, I’d buy it in a heartbeat. Custom-made doesn’t mean I have to be the one doing the building!

Check out Loren’s post about his project here.

Top Image Credit: Loren

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