Leak: This is what the LG G7 could look like

Leak: This is what the LG G7 could look like

LG smartphones are having a weird year. After skipping its usual flagship launch at Mobile World Congress, rumors suggested LG threw out the G7’s original design and came up with something else entirely. A new leak may give us our clearest look at what might be the phone’s final design.

The CAD render, courtesy of OnLeaks and Mr. Phone, shows a device that is very, umm, 2018. Small bezels, dual cameras, and the ever-controversial notch are present. The design doesn’t look like much of a shift from the G6, with a glass back and metal frame.

However, some LG fans will lament the fact the phone appears to have a regular power button on the side rather than having it on the back like previous devices. On the other hand, there’s an extra button next to the volume controls; this could be used to summon a camera or voice assistant, but that’s just my guess.

The leak also seems to confirm the phone will have a headphone jack; high-end audio has been one of LG’s strong points, so it’s nice to see the company holding on. There is also bottom-firing speaker, but it’s not clear if that will function as mono speaker or if it will work in tandem with the earpiece for stereo, like the Galaxy S9.

Unfortunately, it might be some time before we find out more concrete details; the G7 is expected to be released in the summer.

Via Android Police

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