Neill Blomkamp’s newest experimental film is up on Steam and it’s creepy as hell

Three alien invasion films from Oats Studio and District 9 director are now on Steam and YouTube — and they’re looking incredibly creepy.

Of the three films, the latest, “Zygote,” is by far the most unsettling, featuring a titular creature that will make your skin crawl, and some pretty amazing cinematography.

We first mentioned the studio’s project were coming over a month ago. At the time, it appeared the films would be exclusive to Steam, but now you can watch them all in full on YouTube.

Film assets from each episode are available on the Steam store, and anyone who wants to support the creators can purchase them there.

They include sound files, concept art, 3D models, and scripts. The latest, the Zygote “DLC” comes with “a 3D printable synthetic skull” — which I’d be interested in even if I never saw the films, honestly.

If you’re really tough, you can buy the 3D model of the creature in question. I’m not tough, in case you can’t tell.

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