Microsoft PowerPoint now translates your presentations in real-time

Microsoft PowerPoint now translates your presentations in real-time

Microsoft’s Presentation Translator add-on for PowerPoint is now available for download. The translator provides real-time subtitles for your presentations in over 60 languages.

This is a step-up from the 10 language support we reported in May when Microsoft announced the add-on at the Build developer’s conference.

The release is great news for presenters who work in international markets – practically everyone in the tech industry. With Microsoft’s nifty machine learning-based API you can set PowerPoint to display subtitles inside your presentation in any of the included languages. The software will translate as you talk, in real time.

The add-on gets better; you can invite people to follow along with your presentation on their own devices and allow them to display subtitles in whichever language they choose. This tool is designed to remove language barriers without having to pause speech and look up translations. Imagine never having to pass up a conference again because you don’t speak the same language as its presenters.

The add-on began as a Microsoft Garage experimental project, now it’s seeing full implementation in products like Skype and Office 365. This is the kind of artificial intelligence that benefits the whole world –  but of course you’ll need an Office 365 account to take advantage of it.

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