YouTuber builds an automatic BB gun that will most definitely shoot your eye out

Credit: Giaco Whatever/YouTube

Leave it to a YouTuber to produce a BB gun so powerful it can rip through drywall.

As you can see in the video above, the BB gun in question looks more like a lethal weapon than something you’d give a precocious child. The gun is powered by a 4000 PSI scuba tank, and fires metal BBs — apparently because anything else would be disintegrated.

Giaco Whatever, the mad genius behind this contraption, originally tested the homebrew Gatling gun with a 130 PSI tank. To a normal person, that would be plenty of power. Not so for the YouTuber who made a Nerf gun powerful enough break the sound barrier.

To say this gun looks dangerous would be like saying 4K TVs look a little sparkly. The gun obliterates everything set in front of it, including the safety barriers. A line of wine glasses are reduced to slivers in less than three seconds. Coke cans release their sugary contents in glistening waves. Even drywall gets a shredded after a good, minute-long barrage.

“Why, you ask?” he says to the viewer. “Cause I can,” the onscreen text answers. And that’s all answer any of us need, really.

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