Don’t bring your drone to concerts because confetti cannons exist

Drones flying in the sky are becoming a commonplace sight, so seeing one swing perilously close to a DJ mid-concert is not concerning by itself. Seeing one fall from the sky like Icarus a few seconds later is a little more unusual.

In the video, you can see the drone hovering between the crowd and the bouncing DJ. As it’s pulling back from the stage, a confetti cannon spews right in its direction. Rotors apparently jammed, it plunges down and out of sight.

It’s not exactly clear whose drone it was — my guess is it belonged to the production company, getting aerial shots of the crowd or the performer. Even if that’s the case, the operator apparently didn’t know the confetti cannon was going to go off.

Either way, rest in peace, drone — and thank you for your service.

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