These are our favorite emoji coming in Unicode 10

These are our favorite emoji coming in Unicode 10

Version 10.0 of the Unicode Standard is almost here, which means you can soon send your friends vomiting emoji! 🎉

Here are a few Emoji 5 sample images:

And our favorites are:

Hijab: Finally.

Breast feeding: Emoji representation matters.

Face with monacle: Because sometimes you need to question the questionable.

Bearded person: To describe the ten you just saw in Whole Foods.

Person in steamy room: If things get too hot in the group chat you can finally inject yourself back into the conversation with a topless emoji holding a spoon.

Coconut: Because it’s everyone’s favorite all-purpose fruit.

I love you hand sign: It can double as a sweet gesture and a simple caption for your latest concert pic.

Climber: For that one friend obsessed with rock climbing.

According to Emojipedia:

“This (new emoji) often comes as part of a point update to a major iOS release, such as iOS 9.1 or iOS 10.2.”

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