PSA: Instagram lets you hide your drunken Stories from your boss

PSA: Instagram lets you hide your drunken Stories from your boss

Instagram’s stories has quite quickly become the standout feature of the app, allowing you to share delightfully ephemeral clips and pics that vanish after just 24 hours. Sounds familiar, right? The feature was cribbed shamelessly from Snapchat.

If you use Instagram Stories to share the times you’re at your drunken, debauched worst, you’re probably glad to know that the feature comes with some pretty nifty filtering features. This means you can block your boss from watching your stories, without having to block them from the rest of your posts.

How does this work in practice? Well, suppose I just posted a story showing me binge-watching The West Wing when I should be working. If I wanted to keep Alejandro Tauber, TNW’s Editor in Chief, from watching it, I’d just have to dive into the Options menu, tap Story Settings, and then select Hide Story From. Then, I can just have to key in the first few characters of the account I wish to block.

It’s not a new feature, by any stretch of the imagination. But it’s pretty handy, and it’s one Instagram doesn’t overtly advertise. And if it saves one person from getting fired after a night on the sauce, all the better.

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