This adult cam site wants to turn your house into a sex-themed Big Brother

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Popular webcam platform CamSoda wants to blend the uncensored appeal of reality television with the personal touch of adult webcamming. The company is launching an all-new streaming format that will essentially turn your house into a sex-themed Big Brother – sort of.

The new platform will be called LifeStream and will be open for sign-ups to anyone above the age of 18 entirely free of charge.

In return for their participation, CamSoda will reward models with a $200 monthly remuneration as well as a free internet connection. It will also ship over a custom-built HD camera rig so participants can prepare their homes for broadcasting.

Needless to say, by agreeing to CamSoda’s terms and conditions you will be signing off a fair bit of your rights over any content generated on LifeStream. Aside from all the footage of you in your house, the company will also be able to use your name and clips for its promotional campaigns without almost any limitations.

For more details, you can check the full sample agreement here [PDF].

“Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram have all capitalized on this burgeoning trend, rolling out livestreaming services of their own, and we’re excited to do the same – with a twist,” said CamSoda VP Darren Press.

“Unlike these social media networks, where users choose the moments they want to broadcast and share, our offering broadcasts everything – from surfing the Internet to eating lunch. It’s a true depiction of someone’s entire life – and doesn’t require any nudity or sex – and we’re confident people will want to share and watch it.”

This is hardly the first time CamSoda has stolen the spotlight with its extravagant PR shenanigans.

Last year the company made headlines when it announced an on-demand service for affordable virtual blowjobs. It also offered to pay living meme Ken Bone $100,000 to feature him in an exclusive 60-minute ‘Bone Zone’ livestreaming session on their website.

You can catch a peek at the CamSoda LifeStream by clicking here – be warned some streams might be particularly NSFW.

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