Amazon patent details desire to rain Prime deliveries from the heavens

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Amazon filed a patent for a parachute/packing label hybrid for their drone deliveries — meaning future Amazon packages could float onto your lawn from drones.

Credit: United States Patent and Trademark Office

The patent, filed on Tuesday, is for a package delivery system that includes “a parachute to enable the packages to be dropped from the aerial vehicle, yet land at the package’s destination without damage.” The parachute is apparently housed within the packing label itself, which is an unorthodox shortcut. But it at least ensures you only have to attach one thing to the package.

The system can be adjusted in size to accommodate larger packages, or involve multiple labels and parachutes. It’s not exactly clear how the parachute(s) would be deployed — the patent refers to hooks, but doesn’t have any specific diagrams.

This would probably only work for people who have lawns, as I’m not sure I trust Amazon to get a floating package onto an apartment balcony. I’m also not sure if I’d depend on it to safely deliver any fine china, but it might be fun to see little parachutes floating down onto lawns everywhere.

Amazon patents shipping label with built-in parachute for drone deliveries on CNN

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