Ray Chan (9GAG) on What Millennials are thinking

What are Millennials thinking? – “The Millennials Black Paper” by 9GAG

From cereal to sex, from Asia to Americas, what exactly are the Millennials thinking? Ray will give you a sneak peek of all the secrets and truths 9GAG finds in a global study among its 150 million audience.

Ray Chan


Ray Chan is the CEO and co-founder of 9GAG, the leading online community that connects people with shared interests. Ray launched 9GAG with his co-founders in 2008 as an experimental project that focused on helping people discover and discuss what’s new, popular and fun on the internet. Nowadays 9GAG has a global audience of more than 80 million and a strong presence on social media including 23 million Facebook fan, 11 million Instagram followers and 4 million Twitter followers. Ray graduated from the University of Hong Kong with a degree in Law.

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