Lost architecture subreddit memorializes buildings long gone

Lost architecture subreddit memorializes buildings long gone
Credit: Reddit

A new subreddit is offering a glimpse of beautiful architecture lost to history. r/Lost_Architecture offers a trip through time with images of long-destroyed and demolished buildings.

Lost_Architecture, founded last week, is a picture-heavy subreddit that memorializes beautiful pieces of architecture which no longer exist for one reason or another. It’s not quite on the level of r/ArchitecturePorn, but it’s still a beautiful-if-sad ode to history.

Some of the centuries-old buildings can only be shown in drawings –for example, the Bastille, demolished in the late 18th century — but they’re still pretty spectacular. Other, more recent losses include the swanky Chicago Federal Building, torn down in 1965, and (if you really want to feel depressed) the ancient Temple in Palmyra, destroyed two years ago.

The sub was created by architectural historian Tom Ravenscroft. It currently has over 9k subscribers.

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