Windows Story Remix is Movie Maker on steroids

Windows Story Remix is Movie Maker on steroids

Microsoft today announced the launch of Windows Story Remix – the company’s brand new creative application designed to let Windows 10 users easily edit photos and create video content.

Windows Story Remix bring the ability to create rich visual content, and marries it with a compelling social element, allowing you to work on projects with your friends and colleagues.

You can share footage, and collaborate in order to build something distinct and interesting. It lets you add soundtracks, annotations, transitions, special effects, and even import 3D images, including those from Paint 3D. 

The tech was demonstrated on stage by Lorraine Bardeen, ‎General Manager for Windows, HoloLens, and Mixed Reality Experiences Engineering, and Product Strategy at Microsoft. She demonstrated how Story Remix can enhance footage of a soccer game could be enhanced with explosions and fireballs. What was so impressive was that it took just a few clicks. It was dead simple.

It can even track individual contributions to a product, which has the potential to make school group projects way less awful.

Basically, it’s Windows Movie Maker, but on steroids.

The announcement came on day two of Microsoft’s Build event, which is currently taking place in Seattle.

Windows Story Remix is built with .Net and XAML, and is being distributed as an Universal Windows Application. This means that it’s compatible with Windows 10 S – Microsoft’s latest attempt to get in the classroom, with a locked-down, fast, and ultimately child-proof version of Windows.

A version is also available for Android and iOS, built with Xamarin.

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