Uber Employees created an #Undelete mural, because of course they did

Uber Employees created an #Undelete mural, because of course they did

Is there a company more tone-deaf than Uber?

Earlier this year in January, the hashtag #DeleteUber started trending after the company lifted surge pricing and continued to serve passengers from JFK Airport after a protest by largely-immigrant taxi drivers against Trump’s Muslim travel ban.

The hashtag reappeared in February in response to reports of a toxic company culture and rampant sexism from former engineer Susan Fowler.

So, yeah. You could say that #DeleteUber represents two major low-points in Uber’s corporate history. If Uber was a country, #DeleteUber would be the shameful part in its history that people just don’t talk about.

Yeah, about that.

The Verge’s Nick Statt has uncovered a series of photos showing around 20 Uber engineers at a team-building day with 1AM, a San Francisco-based street art group that “represents the freedom of speech through our urban art exhibitions, public murals, and experiences.”

And what did the Uber engineers decide to make? A graffiti mural saying “#undelete.”

Sigh. I can’t… I just can’t…

The whole saga shows that, at least within Uber, people still don’t quite understand the intensity of ill-will towards the company. That, despite the public self-flagellation from Travis Kalanick, some people still don’t get it.

Uber, may I give you a word of advice? Next year, try paintball.

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