Patent shows Intel’s design for a curved 2-in-1 laptop

Patent shows Intel’s design for a curved 2-in-1 laptop

Patents are interesting. Pouring through them can tell you what kind of a direction a company is going in. Even if the products envisioned by the patent never actually materializes, they at least give you some kind of insight into where that particular company’s head is at.

One Intel patent, sent to us by the team at The Leaker, envisions a weird kind-of 2-in-1 laptop that boasts a curved screen. It’s relatively recent, dating back to last November, and describes an “electronic device with detachable curved display”. Here’s a sampling to show you what they’ve got in mind:

Figure nine is especially interesting. Unlike virtually every laptop, which is flat at the bottom, this one is curved. I’ve got mixed feelings about this. On flat surfaces, I can’t imagine this ever being remotely usable.

But if I was working on a plane or bus, or anywhere for that matter where I’m away from my desk, I imagine having a laptop that fits the natural curvature of my leg would be pretty welcome.

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