Watch: IBM Watson creates the first AI-made movie trailer – and it’s really eerie

Say what you will, but IBM Watson is one resourceful supercomputer. We’ve previously seen the AI describe the contents of photos, predict the most popular toys during Christmas season and gauge your emotional state – all of that with an exceptional accuracy.

Now IBM Watson has added yet another skill to its arsenal as it just learned how to make movie trailers. Earlier this week, 20th Century Fox trusted the supercomputer with the task to create the trailer for its upcoming sci-fi drama Morgan.

With this accomplishment, IBM Watson becomes the first-ever AI to produce a movie trailer.

To prepare the machine for the task at hand, IBM researchers fed Watson over 100 horror movie trailers cut into separate moments and scenes. The computer then performed a series of visual, sound and composition analyses to get an idea of the dynamics of a trailer.

When Watson finished processing Morgan, it isolated 10 scenes totalling six minutes of video. While a human editor still had to patch the scenes together to tell a coherent story, IBM’s AI shortened the process down to only 24 hours.

That’s a huge improvement in comparison to the typical timeframe of between 10 to 30 days usually required to complete a trailer.

Wonder how well Watson did? You can check out the trailer for Morgan in the video section above – or alternatively click here.

Just a quick heads-up: The trailer is really, reaaaaaally eerie.

IBM Watson made a movie trailer for the first time on Engadget

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