Live your startup bro truth by renting the Aviato car from HBO’s ‘Silicon Valley’

Live your startup bro truth by renting the Aviato car from HBO’s ‘Silicon Valley’

The lovely thing about HBO’s ‘Silicon Valley’ is how utterly indistinguishable it can be from reality. Such is the case with this car rental listing for a custom Ford Escape with the Aviato logo slapped all over it.

Aviato, as fans of the show may recognize, is the company founded by Erlich Bachman – the lovable, narcissistic buffoon who hosted Richard Hendricks while he was building Pied Piper in his incubator.

The next time you’re heading to an important meeting or startup launch event, you can arrive in style with the Aviato Ford Escape for the low, low price of just $49 a day. No promises on whether Erlich’s shrooms are still left in the glove compartment though, but the listing does specify heavily that smoking is ironically not allowed.

aviato car rental

Hosted by peer-to-peer car rental service Turo, the listing seems decently real and is advertised on Turo’s front page. Despite the owner listed as “Erlich B.” and its sole review from a tech journalist, we did manage to get up to the payment page when attempting to register to rent.

If you’re interested, the Aviato car is available for rent from November on. Perhaps you should consider pairing the ride with a Bachmanity shirt.

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