Uber beta testing $2 flat-fee rides in some metro areas

Uber beta testing $2 flat-fee rides in some metro areas

Next month, Uber will be testing a flat-fee program that will have commuters paying a lot less to get around town.

The flat fare program will bring $2 UberPool rides and $7 UberX lifts to an invite-only group. Interested participants will have to pay to be in the program.

Here’s how it works: lucky Uber riders can pay $20 for 20 rides at a flat fare, or $30 for 30 rides. That’s a $1 pre-payment per ride.

After that, the $2 or $7 rate kicks in making it more like $3 for UberPool and $8 for UberX rides. If a rider were to take 20 rides in UberPool, it would be a grand total of $60; 30 rides for $90.

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Trips are also limited in range. As-is, the program sounds like a good way to hop around between meetings around town or run errands, but likely won’t serve you well if you need to take an Uber across town.

Uber didn’t say when or of the program would launch widely, but told Business Insider “we’re always thinking about ways to make Uber an affordable, everyday option, and this is a small beta we’re running as part of that effort.”

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