The first 13 years of Nintendo Power are now available online for free

The first 13 years of Nintendo Power are now available online for free

Nintendo is continuing to give back to the gaming community — or at least the nostalgic members. As we get ready for the mini NES to drop this Fall, Nintendo has made the first 13 years of Nintendo Power available online for free.

Via Internet Archive, we get a page-by-page digital recreation of all the original magazines. Each is just as you left them, too.


Starting with a huge walkthrough of Super Mario 2 (my favorite in the series; come at me), the magazines quickly get into Castlevania and Ninja Gaiden(!) before wrapping it up in 2001 with a spread on the Game Boy Advanced.

It’s a trip down memory lane for anyone who was a Nintendo fan in its heyday — and more than a bit laughable considering we’re now complaining about which is the best VR headset available.

But the catalog is worth traipsing through nonetheless, and might be a resource if you’ve forgotten how to play those older games once your mini NES arrives. A brush-up on wall jumping in Ninja Gaiden may be in order for me (just kidding, I’ll never forget how to do that).

Nintendo Power on Internet Archive

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