Amazon Prime Day returns on July 12 and oh boy bet you’re excited

Amazon Prime Day returns on July 12 and oh boy bet you’re excited

Amazon’s Prime Day aka national internet junk yard sale day is making a return on July 12, despite overwhelming disappointment from its inaugural year.

Most of the criticisms from last year stem from the extreme hype and marketing around Prime Day. Users were expecting massive savings on big ticket items, only to find sales on basic household products like socks, plastic cups, and phone cases. Many users also complained that items in their wish lists were only discounted by a $1 or less.

Users in massive need of lube, however, got a deal of a lifetime.

But perhaps it will get better this year. Subreddit r/Primedaydeals is a good place to keep your eyes on when July 12 comes around as the site gets updated with new deals constantly. Remember: many of the items will be Prime-exclusive, so you will need a membership to take part in the savings.

And if you’re not Amazon, other retailers also saw a spike in sales on Prime Day last year so prepare your inventories.

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