Tesla has a Mario Kart easter egg, and you need a cheat code to find it

At least there’s good news for Tesla; after you get the rear seats in your Model X fixed, you can take it for a spin on Rainbow Road from Mario Kart.

One of the more dizzying levels of Nintendo’s endearing, enduring title is an easter egg for Tesla vehicles. You even have a cheat code — activate autopilot four times in rapid succession — and there it is! Of course, Tesla calls it ‘psychedelic cowbell road’ because Nintendo would probably throw a fit Mario Kart’s naming was pinched.

Once activated, the instrument cluster on a Tesla shows a rainbow beneath your car rather than a boring grey road. It’s a good thing you’ll be in autopilot because, like, who wouldn’t want to watch it?

If you’ve got a Tesla, give it a shot. For the rest of us who don’t have upwards of $80,000 to drop on a car, it’s even more reason to lust after a Model 3.

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