2016 is going to be Segway’s year and it’s got the new logo to prove it

2016 is going to be Segway’s year and it’s got the new logo to prove it
Credit: Segway

You might have heard the story that the inventor of the Segway, perhaps so cursed by God for doing so, met his death by driving off a cliff… on a Segway.

Not only is that not true, but Dean Kamen, the maker of the device for those who can’t even be bothered walking when they’re walking, is still the chairman of the company he founded way back in 1999.

And while some of you may have written them off, Segway is making a comeback, with new products, new partnerships and not least, a new logo…

Spot the difference...
Credit: Segway

Hello 2016 Segway, which is hoping to get inside your house with a new range of home service robots.

It’s not clear what they’re going to be doing yet, but the company is already boasting partnerships with Intel and Xiaomi as it opens its Segway Robotics business.

The company also says it will continue to plug away in the short-distance transportation space, having joined forces with its rival Ninebot last year in order to combine their R&D efforts.

Credit: Ninebot
Not a Segway

So what could be in store from the company that brought us the Segway? Perhaps a Segway without the stem for getting about your vast mansion? Oh wait…

We’ve already got them and they’re terrible.

Segway Announces Expansion of Global Business Lines [via VentureBeat]

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