This new site is like an ongoing Reddit AMA where you can ask ‘experts’ anything you want

This new site is like an ongoing Reddit AMA where you can ask ‘experts’ anything you want ...

Have you ever had a question, but didn’t know where to turn? Social media or sites like Quora are great, but may not offer insight from qualified people. Wiselike hopes to change that, offering a way for the inquisitive to connect with the authoritative.

Here’s how it works: An ‘expert’ creates a Wiselike profile, and users can ask them questions. Profiles can be created by anyone, whether you’re a tenured professor or someone who survived a month in a jungle with no food or resources.


The service is a bit like an ongoing Reddit AMA, but only questions that are answered will show up on an expert’s page. Wiselike moderates both the questions and answers, too.

Once a question is answered, users can ask follow-up questions anonymously. If you’re particularly interested in a question, you can choose to follow it (even if you didn’t ask the question).

Wiselike has already signed up more than 24 experts, from Susan Bennet (the voice of Siri) to Peter Dragone (co-inventor of the Keurig). Wayne Fromm, inventor of the selfie stick, also has a Wiselike profile (for the record, my question to him is “why?!?!?”).


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