You can now opt out of Verizon Wireless’ relentless tracking program for real

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Verizon Wireless is finally letting its customers opt out of its ad-targeting program that uses persistent, undeletable tracking codes on phones, reports The New York Times.

The mobile carrier has been injecting users’ devices with ‘supercookies’ — also known as unique identifier headers (UIDH) — into its network traffic. It enables Verizon to capture information about your browsing history even if you’re using incognito mode which doesn’t allow standard cookies to be saved to your device.

To disable header tracking, Verizon subscribers can call 1-866-211-0874 or visit the company’s site to opt out.

The company said its systems will stop inserting UIDHs for customers who opt out of the program. It also maintains that it doesn’t share information with third parties that identifies its customers.

Verizon Wireless Customers Can Now Opt Out of ‘Supercookies’ [The New York Times]

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