AMC and IFC are now live on Sling TV’s $20 a month core package

AMC and IFC are now live on Sling TV’s $20 a month core package

It’s official: AMC and IFC are available today as part of Sling TV’s ‘Best of Live TV’ core package. The update comes live just about a month after the company opened the service without invites and teased the new networks as new additions to the lineup.

With AMC and IFC in the mix, Sling TV subscribers can now access live TV streaming from some of the more popular premium cable channels such as ESPN, CNN, Travel Channel and Cartoon Network. Now would be a good time to join Sling TV if you need to catch up on the latest season of ‘The Walking Dead,’ or are awaiting the final season of ‘Mad Men.’

Sling also introduces a new “Hollywood Extra” add-on package today to include EPIX, EPIX2, EPIX3, EPIX Drive-In and Sundance TV for $5 a month on top of the standard $20 monthly fee.

Sling TV is still limited to mobile devices, Amazon Fire TV and Roku Player. Xbox and Nexus Player are currently on deck to receive support.

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