Tumblr launches Creatrs program to help artists make money from brands

Tumblr launches Creatrs program to help artists make money from brands

Tumblr is one of the most prolific social media platforms for artists looking to showcase their work. The company now wants to take advantage of this to help artists make some extra cash.

The company is today announcing the launch of Creatrs, a program which will allow its community of artists to connect with advertising campaigns and foster partnerships with brands and companies.

The most important part of the program is the Creatrs Network, which features a team of curators that will help brands connect with the artists that best suit their advertising needs. There are currently 300 artists that have signed up during the program’s test phase.

There’s also a much smaller, more exclusive group simply called Creatrs, who work in tandem with the company to create artwork and design pieces for major brands and events.

Animated GIF made for AT&T by Matthew WIlliamson


Interestingly, though reasonably, brands who use the Creatrs Network must advertise on Tumblr itself in addition to whatever work they commission from artists. It’s a clever way for Tumblr to exercise additional control over some of the native advertising on its blogs instead of simply having brands pay for whatever they want to show.

Tumblr says it has already paid out a quarter of a million dollars to artists on the Creatrs Network during a six-month test phase, working with brands such as AT&T, Gap and more.

Right now you can’t apply to the program directly – Tumblr is choosing artists themselves, and the only information on its webpage is an email link – but we wouldn’t be surprised if this changed in the future.

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Image Credit: Matthew Williamson

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