Oculus unveils Crescent Bay prototype virtual reality headset

Oculus unveils Crescent Bay prototype virtual reality headset

At the first ever Oculus developer conference, the company has unveiled a new prototype headset that features integrated audio, a new display technology, improved positional audio tracking and is much lighter than ever before.

Oculus, which is owned by Facebook, has dubbed the new prototype ‘Crescent Bay’ and says that the device is as “big of a step up from the DK2 as the DK2 was from the DK1.” A new camera on the back of the device allows gamers to spin around 360 degrees, giving much more freedom.

oculus-crescent-bay-prototype2The new prototype also has built in headphones and improved audio positioning to help make the audio itself just as immersive as using the Oculus VR itself. The addition of headphones is part of Oculus pushing into media content such as films as well as games, as the company seeks to build immersive media experiences.

Oculus was careful to point out that Crescent Bay is still “incredibly early hardware” and doesn’t mention when it’ll be available to developers, though it is on show at the conference today.

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