How to get more TNW in your diet. You know you want to…

How to get more TNW in your diet. You know you want to…

Maybe you visit this site once a week and browse through our channels. Or maybe you follow us via RSS, or maybe you receive our weekly or daily newsletter? Maybe you are very aware of the many different ways to get to the news we publish, or maybe you missed a few options.

Here are the many ways to follow our reporting in a useful list:

Via our site |
It doesn’t matter whether you have a desktop PC, a tablet or a smart phone; our website is optimized to look good and handle well on all platforms. Give it a try! And while you are at it, why not bookmark it so it will be easier to get back to?

Our RSS feeds | 
We have a nice RSS feed that always serves up our latest posts. Subscribe to it from within your browser or via a dedicated Feed reader like Feedly. Our standard feed is truncated after a few paragraphs and links back to our site for the full article. You can upgrade to Pro member status to get your own personalized full feed.

Twitter | @TheNextWeb or
Every article we publish is also tweeted out via Twitter. You can follow our main account @TheNextWeb or check this list of all our accounts for channels and events.

Facebook notifications for tnwFacebook |

Our community is strong on Facebook so we would love to welcome you to that as well. Come and say hello and Like what we do while you are there. If you do, make sure you enable the notifications after you like our page:


Another network that has a nice community is Google+. We now have more than 1.7 million people who interact with our stories and reporting there. Add us to one of your Circles and +1 our posts.

Our Newsletters |
We have three types of newsletters that you can subscribe to. A daily newsletter, a ‘TNW Weekly’ newsletter every Friday, featuring hand-picked stories and exclusive content, and a ‘breaking news’ alert newsletter. You can start by subscribing to all of them and unsubscribing to one of them if you think it is becoming to much. Check the email subscription page for the options:

And the rest…
We also have a presence on all these lovely social networks:

Our video channel on YouTube.

A bunch of boards on our Pinterest page

The TNW company page on Linkedin.

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