Grooveshark now lets you pay for its music streaming service with Bitcoin

Grooveshark now lets you pay for its music streaming service with Bitcoin

Grooveshark, an online music streaming service for playing back individual tracks, artists or albums, is now accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment via Stripe. The payments firm announced that it would add support for Bitcoin only a few months ago.

This means you can now subscribe to Grooveshark’s unlimited, mobile, ad-free service using the popular cryptocurrency — and you should be able to see the option alongside its usual payment methods such as Visa, MasterCard and PayPal. The company is also currently offering its $9 monthly upgrade package at a discounted price of $5 per month.

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Things have been starting to look up for Bitcoin recently. Major retail sites including Newegg and Expedia recently started accepting Bitcoin, Apple started letting the first Bitcoin apps back into the App Store following its new policy on virtual currencies, while Google and Yahoo took steps to recognize Bitcoin as a legit currency after they started showing Bitcoin prices on their respective finance networks.

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