Musicmetric wants to help the entertainment industry dig even deeper into music data and fan sentiment

Musicmetric wants to help the entertainment industry dig even deeper into music data and fan sentiment ...

Life has been getting increasingly sweet for Musicmetric over the past year. For the uninitiated, the UK-based startup serves up data about musicians’ popularity online, covering every cranny from Twitter to BitTorrent. One year after announcing a $4.7m funding round and a deal with Spotify as it prepared to take on the US, the company is now striving to make it easier to locate fans via Twitter, identify trends and discover new artists.

The two main new offerings are Musicmetric Insights, which automatically analyzes performances across billions of fan interactions online to produce graphs and summaries. Basically, it’s a quick way of seeing who’s hot and who’s not, and will provide some insight into new releases and campaigns.

Musicmetric Insights
Then there’s Musicmetric Explore, which will be aimed at everyone from concert promoters to A&R executives, and delivers an overview of any sector of the music market. For example, users can filter down into a range of criteria, including genre, location or performance and gauge fan reaction on a specific social network – if everyone’s raving about a band in a specific region, then that could be ripe for a follow-up tour or release.

What could this be used for in real terms? Well, Musicmetric say one example could be a brand or agency that’s looking to find the best artist to align themselves with a product. In addition to all this, Twitter mentions and geo-tagging data will also be weaved into artist pages to enhance real-time fan location analysis for Musicmetric users.

Data is becoming big business across the media landscape. Earlier this week, we reported that Gracenote, the media metadata behemoth, was incorporating Next Big Sound’s real-time music consumption and trending data into its products. Similar to Musicmetric, Next Big Sound is an online analytics platform that measures the popularity of bands across the Web, covering music-streaming services, social networks and radio.

Musicmetric will formally launch its new features at Midem in Cannes on February 1.


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