StubHub’s Go Together group event planning service refreshed for mobile, adds split-payment option

StubHub’s Go Together group event planning service refreshed for mobile, adds split-payment option ...

Ticket marketplace StubHub has launched a redesign of its group event planning feature designed to help make going to events with friends better. Called “Go Together“, it’s a social purchasing service that builds upon the basic version that was released in 2012, but this time focused on the mobile Web.

Chances are that when you’re planning on attending a game, show, or major event, you’re not going by yourself. But when you’re with a group of friends, the logistics can be a bit tricky — does one person buy all the tickets? Do you leave it to others to get their own and pray that you’ll all be seated together? How do you coordinate it all?

Go Together offers several features that it touts as a way to keep groups together so that everyone is on the same page.

The company says that if you’re planning on going to an event like the Treasure Island Music Festival and think your friends would want to go along, you can invite them through Facebook or email, which will also display whether they’re in or out — akin to a Facebook event. Those interested in attending can then use StubHub as a collaboration tool to discuss where’s the best seating and how much they’re willing to pay for a ticket.

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Perhaps the most important is the mobile split-payment option that offers two ways to collect money: either before the tickets are bought or after. Most likely, if a friend doesn’t pony up the cash for their ticket, StubHub could refund the cost for it.

As mentioned before, Go Together isn’t a new thing in StubHub’s arsenal — it’s been around for desktop usage since 2012. However, now that it’s on mobile, it could be useful when you’re walking around and see an advertisement for a live event happening soon. No longer do you need to wait until you’re in front of a computer to begin planning for that music festival, sporting event, or anything else.

In a statement, StubHub’s Jay Vasudevan, who was the product manager on Get Together, said:

With this update, we’ve addressed fan feedback on the hassles of group purchasing and developed features which make the ticket buying experience more fun, engaging and easy — especially from your smartphone.

Since the initial rollout, we’re seeing users become significantly more engaged on StubHub as they discover new live experiences and continue to engage with the groups they’ve created with Go Together — far after the actual event is over.

Users don’t need to download a new app to take advantage of Go Together — it’s built into StubHub’s native app. When you find an event, tap on “Go with friends” and you’re set.

Here’s how Go Together works:

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