Twitter for BlackBerry app updated to include image tweaks, tweet details

Twitter for BlackBerry app updated to include image tweaks, tweet details

BlackBerry has updated its Twitter app today bringing new image tweaks and in-line tweet details to all versions of the mobile platform still commonly being used.

The app is available to download now from BlackBerry World and will work on BlackBerry smartphones running BlackBerry OS 5.0 all the way up to BlackBerry 7.0, the company said. There is, of course, a version already available for BlackBerry 10 that includes largely the same feature set.

The new version (Twitter 4.2) brings tweaks to images, such as including photo card support, new retweet and favorited tweet indicators and additional timeline details such as who has replied to your tweets, their location and if an article summary is available.

Twitter 4.2 (1)

BlackBerry’s Twitter app was first released back in 2010, but has lacked the more sophisticated features offered by native apps on other platforms and the Web client until today’s update.

The update to core apps such as this can only strengthen its case with consumers and at least reassure some that it’s committed to keeping owners of older handsets up to date, as well as its newer ones. However, critics will point out that the number of apps on the BlackBerry World app store is far lower than its rival platforms, particularly if only considering those aimed at its newer BlackBerry 10 OS and excluding direct ports from the Android OS.

The company, which only launched the most recent full version of its operating system – BlackBerry 10 – in January this year has a lot of ground to make up in the mobile space, particularly with consumers. While iPhone and Android device sales dominate headlines, Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform and BlackBerry 10 are currently in a battle for third spot. Since launching the platform it has introduced a high-end Z10 device, a Qwerty-equipped Q10 and announced a mid-range Q5 device with Qwerty keyboard that is yet to go on sale.

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