Buffer teams up with Followerwonk to help users find the best times to schedule and share their tweets

Buffer teams up with Followerwonk to help users find the best times to schedule and share their tweets ...

Buffer is an invaluable mobile app, browser extension and Web service that enables users to schedule posts for a number of different social networks, including Twitter, Facebook and App.net. The problem, until now, has always been working out exactly what time to post them.

The company has therefore teamed up with Followerwonk, a tool for diving into Twitter data owned by marketing analytics software company Moz, to solve this problem and notify users of the optimal times to send out a tweet.

To access the feature, users need to head to the Followerwonk homepage and hit up the ‘Analyze Followers’ option from the top of the page. Once they’ve typed in their handle, the site will then produce a graph showing when the highest number of followers are online.

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That’s pretty helpful in itself, but by clicking the bright orange button and signing in with their necessary Twitter account, users can go back to the graph and create a new schedule for Buffer. Simply choose the number of slots needed for the day, and the new times will be added to Buffer automatically.

Users can then continue to add new posts to their schedule using the Buffer button and various browser extensions, as well as the company’s mobile apps and supported news reader services, which include Pocket, Instapaper and Reeder.

Buffer will then add these posts to the new schedule automatically, ensuring that the designated number of tweets hits their feed when their followers are most active.

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For brands and large corporations, this is an invaluable feature. It’s vital that marketers and social media managers engage with their followers at the busiest time in the day, as this increases overall engagement, brand awareness and sales conversions. With Followerwonk integration, these professionals can now organize a structured campaign beforehand, set it up through Buffer and watch it be executed automatically.

This then allows small teams to prioritize dealing with replies and customer feedback instead.

The caveat here is that the integration only works with Twitter. Buffer is a powerful tool because it supports multiple social networks and we’d like to see the same functionality introduced for other influential services such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Bringing this support directly onto the Buffer website would also be a nice touch.

Buffer rolled out support for scheduled retweets last month, following the introduction of a much larger revamp, which included better analytics, a ‘Top Posts’ section and support for dozens of new third-party apps such as Newsift, FeedsWire and Caffeinated.

There’s nothing quite like Buffer and it’s still an incredibly appealing product for so-called “power users” who are worried about flooding their followers’ feed with an avalanche of content. With Followerwonk, it’s just become even more useful.

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