Columnist turned investor MG Siegler moves on from CrunchFund to Google Ventures

Columnist turned investor MG Siegler moves on from CrunchFund to Google Ventures

TechCrunch columnist and former regular has moved on from his post at CrunchFund to join Google Ventures as a general partner focusing on seed and early-stage investments. Siegler left his job at the tech blog just over a year and a half ago to join CrunchFund.

Siegler stated in a blog post on his job shift that he has been in conversation with Google Ventures for “a few months.” That timing matters, as it indicates that he was in conversation with Google before Michael Arrington came under fire for alleged serious legal charges. He has since posted evidence that exculpates him in his view, and retained legal counsel. The matter has fallen from the media landscape, pending a potential trial.

The appeal of Google Ventures isn’t hard to understand: It has $300 million to invest per year, of a total $1.5 billion fund. To join Google Ventures puts Siegler among the stratosphere of venture capital.

CrunchFund remains an active player in the technology space, but simply on a smaller scale than what the search giant can execute.

In my view, and this is simply opinion, losing Siegler is a material loss for CrunchFund. Though a lightning rod for Apple opinion among the techish crowd, MG is a smart guy. I think he’ll do well at Google. In other news, if you are a venture capitalist looking for a new gig, it seems likely that Arrington’s crew could use a new talent infusion.

Top Image Credit: Håkan Dahlström

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