Rovio’s new cartoon Web series Angry Birds Toons to begin on March 16

Rovio’s new cartoon Web series Angry Birds Toons to begin on March 16

After teasing it for more than six months, Rovio is set to debut its new web-based cartoon series Angry Birds Toons on March 16, moving beyond gaming and into the world of programming.

The Finnish company says animiated series will “throw the doors to Piggy Island wide open,” offering Angry Birds fans the chance to learn more about the characters they have utilised in the mobile and Web apps. It may also answer some of the questions around why the birds and pigs actually began feuding.

Rovio’s “Mighty Eagle” Peter Vesterbacka told TNW in January that the series will build on the animated shorts the company has created for the franchise, particularly the Angry Birds Star Wars videos that helped build momentum for the new film partnership.

A new episode will be debuted every week from March 16, giving Rovio the opportunity to test the waters before it releases its first Angry Birds feature film in summer 2016.

Image Credit: lincolnblues/Flickr



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