Mega suffering from service outages due to “massive” user demand

Mega suffering from service outages due to “massive” user demand

Update: As we were publishing this post, Kim Dotcom tweeted the following: “Site is still overloaded. Massive demand. Incredible. I am so happy. Thank you for using #Mega.” Looks like the site is currently the victim of its own popularity, and that there isn’t anything nefarious or federal at work here.

The title of this post has been changed to reflect the new information.

It hasn’t been more than a few hours, but Mega appears to already be suffering from uptime issues. It is unclear at this time if the cause of the service disruption is accidental – overuse of the site leading to server flooding – prankish attacks, or government action.

All TNW can say is that he site is unaccessible at the moment, a fact that reports on Twitter and the lovely DownForEveryoneOrJustMe


At the moment, Kim Dotcom himself hasn’t tweeted fresh news concerning the outage. He had crowed about the speed at which his new service had grown in its first minutes of life:

Today, an hour after he flipped the switch from no to go on, precisely one year after Megaupload was scuttled by the government, Kim Dotcom announced that his new service has totted up 100,000 registered users in its first hour as a live product.

Once we learn the cause of the service disruption, we’ll update this post.

Top Image Credit: Mike Shelby

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