Sportingbet and Plumbee pool their bets to create Bonza Gaming

Sportingbet and Plumbee pool their bets to create Bonza Gaming

Gaming companies Sportingbet and Plumbee have announced that they are pairing up in a joint venture called Bonza Gaming.

The new, London-based company brings the pair together under the leadership of Rick Brownlow, formerly head of mobile for Sportingbet.

The two firms have slightly different approaches to gaming. Plumbee is known for its casino games while Sportingbet is well, more about sports betting. Combining the two is an interesting move that should draw upon their combined strengths.

As part of the move, Bonza Gaming says that has a strong management team and has recruited engineers. The company will be based in offices at London’s Silicon Roundabout area.

Plumbee was founded by three former Playfish executives in 2011. The social gaming company quickly grew to thirty-five employees in just over a year and has revenues of just under £1 million per month ($1.6m). Earlier this year, Plumbee nailed down $2.8 million in funding from Idinvest Partners of Paris.

Sportingbet is well established and has markets in 26 countries and around 700,00 active users. The company works with local cultures to provide a global service and handles around 79 million bets a year in Europe.

Bonza Gaming was quietly founded last month and its regulated gambling activities are based in the Channel Islands. According to the company’s site, it is look to expand further and is already looking for community builders and a customer acquisition analyst.

When entering the arena of online gaming, smaller firms have some big fish to contend with. Getting together in this way might mean that survival for Bonza is less of a game of chance.

Image Credit: Christopher Furlong / Getty Images

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