Visible Technologies updates its social media monitoring tool, more languages and multiple dashboards

Visible Technologies updates its social media monitoring tool, more languages and multiple dashboards ...

On the same day social data company DataSift announced it was targeting Wall Street with two key finance hires and a New York office, Visible Technologies has rolled out a new version of its social media monitoring platform, with the world in mind.

Visible is one of the leading social media monitoring platforms globally, helping firms analyze conversations in the social sphere to understand consumer preferences (including sentiment), market dynamics, strengths and weaknesses, and other key data.

What’s new

This latest upgrade lets users control their various Visible workspaces from a single dashboard, allowing users to access data across multiple projects, regions or languages. Plus, its sentiment analysis now supports four new languages including Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Portuguese.

With multiple dashboards, users can create and share additional custom dashboards crafted for specific business, team or individual requirements:

Moreover, with expanded data analysis, users can drill into insights within individual widgets to see source data, and export up to 20,000 search results to share with others.

The new Bitly quickview feature lets users view the number of clicks used in posts:

“The social media ecosystem has expanded beyond marketing and advertising to support CRM, marketing automation, and business intelligence,” says Richard Pasewark, CEO of Visible. “To meet this uptake in adoption, we’ve added new levels of flexibility into our software that gives users the freedom to control their workspace and tailor it to their specific use case or language.  With the click of a mouse, any departmental or regional user can easily pull the most actionable and relevant data specific to them within Visible.”

Earlier this year, Visible boosted its social might by acquiring its competitor Cymfony, further positioning itself at the front of the social analytics industry.

Visible Technologies

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