Spotify Coming to Windows Phone 7 devices

Spotify Coming to Windows Phone 7 devices

Music streaming service Spotify and Microsoft have announced the arrival of the Spotify app to Windows 7 Phone devices today.

Multiple sources confirmed the release prior to the announcement, and it should be an important milestone for the Windows Phone platform. Applications have been trickling out for the new Mango OS, and have drawn interest and high marks from some longtime iOS enthusiasts.

Spotify is available on Android, as well as iOS, and has seen huge growth since launching in the US with Facebook as its main distribution partner. The app will be free, but requires a $9.99 premium subscription.

I’ll be attending a Windows Phone event tonight in New York City, which should yield some more interesting information about the Windows Phone platform, as well as finding out how many devices are running the new Mango OS.


A tweet from Tom Warren of shows a Windows Phone device sporting the Spotify tile, from the backstage Windows Phone event today.

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