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Apple, Facebook, and Warren Buffett: Here’s the top 25 stocks for millennials

The average 30-something investor owns this portfolio

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Millennial investors are hooked on two different kinds of stocks: Tech, and Warren Buffett‘s Berkshire Hathaway.

Apex Clearing’s recent analysis of 734,000 portfolios presents the top 100 most-popular stocks with US-based investors with an average age of 31.

As one would expect, FAANG is incredibly popular with the tech-savvy demographic. Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google are all in the top 15 — Apple leads the pack with 13.5 percent of the average investor‘s holdings.

Computing manufacturers Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) and NVIDIA placed decently, in the top 12. AMD just reported a record quarterly revenue of $2.13 billion, up 50 percent from the previous quarter.

Apex Clearing noted that young investors were increasingly backing young companies, with more than 30 in the top 100 opened public trade within the last decade, such as Tesla, Alibaba, Shopify.

Older investors support newer, tech-focused companies too, but nowhere near as heavily as millennials. Roku, which makes smart TVs, came in at 26 for millennials, but number 45 for boomers, and even further down (89) for the silent generation, Apex Clearing noted.

Millennial investors are also heavily favoring investments in payment processors. Household names Visa and MasterCard indeed placed highly (at number 15 and 23 respectively), but fintech companies PayPal and Jack Dorsey’s Square were not far behind, at 21 and 32 respectively.

“In fact, millennials are significantly more invested in these pioneering companies than boomers or the silent generation,” said Apex Clearing. “[…] A similar pattern is seen with Square, which ranks number 21 for millennials but doesn’t even crack the top 100 for the silent generation.

Bill Gates down with Apple via Buffett

However, Warren Buffett‘s Berkshire Hathaway notably came in at sixth place, ahead of streaming service incumbent Disney (7), and even Netflix (8).

The investment conglomerate revealed in November it was sitting on $128.2 billion in cash reserves, and its operating profit rose more than analysts expected in 2019’s third quarter.

Still, Apex Clearing’s data certainly shows Apple as the most popular stock for millennials, and this is reflected in its market performance, with the technology giant’s stock price rising from $208.78 to well over $320 in the past six months.

You better believe — even Bill Gates gets down with Apple. Hard Fork recently reported that the Microsoft founder’s foundation indirectly owns $1.8 billion worth of Apple stock, by way of shares held in Berkshire Hathaway.

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Published January 30, 2020 — 12:29 UTC