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This Bitcoin toilet paper will take you from ‘bogholder’ to ‘shitcoiner’ in one wipe

'When you need to go - go. Don't HODL it!'

The term “shitcoin” has permeated through the cryptocurrency scene so effectively that it’s reached US Congress — but now Amazon offers a new product that takes it to a whole other level.

Behold, this three-ply toilet paper has a Bitcoin BTC printed on each sheet. It’s described as a “funny cryptocurrency novelty prank gag gift idea for crypto traders and haters,” which is about all that needs to be said.

This officially redefines ‘Buttcoin.’

“NOT JUST A HILARIOUS GIFT; IT’S ALSO QUITE PRACTICAL! Although its main purpose is to make you or your friends smile, our toilet paper is 3-ply and soft,” the ad reads.

The marketing materials assures us that this Bitcoin toilet paper can indeed be used in the traditional sense, but fair warning: some reviews paint a different picture.

“Came quick, great gag gift……do not use as TP as it may be a little rough on your tush 😁,” said one ‘shitcoiner.’

“This is perfect for a laugh. I don’t advise actually using it as actual toilet paper, though,” said another ‘bogholder,’

So, if you’re keen to show your dissatisfaction at the cryptocurrency scene once, twice, or even three times a day (depending on your diet), stop shitposting on Twitter and grab a roll of Buttcoins through this link.

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Published September 5, 2019 — 09:01 UTC