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Bitcoin’s marketcap as a sound is a terrifying symphony of ups and downs

Move along Soulja Boy, there's a new kid in town

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Bitcoin BTC hasn’t done much recently. Well, except remaining stable. It’s pretty much held its value since the middle of September – an eon in the cryptocurrency world.

With no rockets to the moon, the Bitcoin community is a little bored. Luckily for us, boredom is the great instigator of creativity.

For one Redditor, I can only imagine the boredom that lead them to reimagine Bitcoin’s marketcap as a sound.

Behold, the Bitcoin marketcap sound generator

Total market cap chart as a sound generator from r/CryptoCurrency

When my friends ask me to describe Bitcoin’s history, I often struggle to truly convey its tumultuous past.

Next time anyone asks me that, I’m just going to send them this.

Take a listen and you’ll hear how it wonderfully captures the smooth and mellow early years. Where Bitcoin was new and exciting, and when we actually bought stuff with it, albeit off the dark net.

As the sound wave progresses to the mid-section, you can hear the joy and jubilation as Bitcoin’s price soared.

Then comes the cryptocurrency’s frantic peaks and troughs, the chaotic price fluctuations turned into avant-garde audio art.

As the sound wave draws to a close, all that remains is disappointment, confusion, and sadness.

It’s the audio anthropomorphism of Bitcoin we didn’t ask for, but clearly need.

Published October 29, 2018 — 14:24 UTC