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UPDATE: You (cannot) now buy Elon Musk’s ‘Not A Flamethrower’ with Bitcoin

What could be better to burn than your own Bitcoin?

bitcoin flamethrower

Update 08:38 UTC, October 19: ATTENTION: We’ve been had! The website showing cryptocurrency payment methods was a fake. We’re sorry, but sometimes we fall for internet trickery. We won’t remove this story because we want you to see how dumb we can be, so enjoy!

There’s something fitting about an Elon Musk business accepting Bitcoin, BTC because, you know, they’re about as stable as each other.

I’m here all week.

That’s right, you can now buy the Boring Company’s Not A Flamethrower (from here on out, referred to as just a flamethrower) with not only Bitcoin, but a range of other cryptocurrencies. Specifically, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash.

The website was recently updated to allow this and it has the cryptocurrencies listed alongside more traditional payment methods.

What’s a… VISA?

The flamethrowers are retailing for $500, a lower figure than the pre-sale price of $600. At the time of writing, that means you can get yourself one of the devices for 0.078 Bitcoin. Or 2.48 Ether. That almost sounds reasonable.

For some context, Elon Musk founded the Boring Company – which sells the flamethrower – to dig the tunnels that his Hyperloop transportation system will eventually operate in.

In retrospect, his decision to launch a flamethrower was one of the first red flags in his current downward slide. The whole saga started with this tweet:

And, to be fair to him, he did start selling the flamethrower on January 27 of this year. There’s a certain respectability in following through with a claim like that.

This could be yours in exchange for some crypto

The reason behind selling a flamethrower (as well as other items, like a fire extinguisher, propane fuel cylinders, and fire gloves) has never been made entirely clear. My view is that it’s a mixture of making some merch money (they’ve sold tens of thousands of these at $500 a pop) and getting some press attention (I mean, we’re still writing about it).

Unfortunately for Musk though, this isn’t the first flamethrower you’ve been able to splurge your crypto on. Throwflame – a business that makes terrifying flamethrowers – also accepts Bitcoin. Looks like you’re late to this party, buddy.

The ultimate question though is whether opening up cryptocurrency payments will make any difference to the sales of Musk’s flamethrower. In my opinion? Doubtful.

Still, it’s hard to complain, because there’s something about being able to buy a flamethrower with Bitcoin that just feels right.

Published October 18, 2018 — 13:40 UTC